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This is a place holder for some of the cool things that I have learned along the way. I used to have an internship program, where I taught the basics of software development from requirements, design, development, and deployment. I will be keeping resources on my page in the future, so that I and others can reference back to the things that we have discovered. As a reminder, I plan to have tutorials on website hosting, web page creation, mobile app development, embedded programming, wireless communication, and the internet of things. My goal is to document my journey as a software developer and to create an online platform for managing IOT devices for industrial automation.


I'm collecting all my thoughts and lessons learned at This has become bigger than me. I grew up in a low-income family, and I was not able to learn about money from my family growing up. I had to learn from reading books, meeting mentors, and exploring for myself. I have learned that anyone is able to get out of poverty through education. It is not luck that people get wealthy, it is knowledge and perseverance that is required. Wealthematics is a mathematical and action based resource to developing wealth.


I have been proud of all the philanthropy work that I have done throughout my life. It is one of the things that has helped me to grow and develop into the person that I am. As I develop my page, I plan to add the interesting things that I have have learned as resources to others on contributing to the world. Resources such as how to create a 501(c)(3), how to develop and maintain a non-profit, and ideas to get inspired and contribute to the world. Sometimes it takes a little bit of knowledge to turn an idea into a movement. A saying that we said in my organization was to "Be involved. Be engaged. Be a leader." We could use more leaders in this world to spread love and kindness.


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