About me

My Story

After years of being dormant, I've decided to wake up! I've been exercising and intermittent fasting since the end of 2019. I have gone from 179 lbs to 162 lbs in a few months. I have been journaling for the last 5 years, and I have discovered who I really am. I'm a husband, father, inventor, investor, and philanthropist. Instead of hiding, I am posting on the web for the world to see. Now, I have decided to commit myself to develop web technologies to share the lessons that I have learned in life from technology, investing, and philanthropy. I have discovered that it is not the goal, but the journey that matters. It is about enjoying the process. This is my journey ...

My Background

20+ Years Software Engineering

I am a software engineering manager. I specialize in real-time embedded software, image processing, and DevOps/Agile tools. I have always had a passion for how technology could be used to improve people's lives. My roles have included integrated product team lead, cost account manager, section manager, chief scrum master, software engineering center tools lead, algorithm developer, software developer, teaching assistant, research assistant, and researcher.

MBA in Finance 3.94 GPA

I wanted to formally learn and understand business, especially investments and finance. This would allow me to better understand business news and how money works. My concentration included investments and portfolio management, valuation of corporations, and global capital markets.

15+ Years Real Estate Investor

In college, I read the book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and I started my investment journey. I found a way to purchase properties for no money down without a job, and I have never looked back. I have fixed and flipped homes, rent and held, and was a real estate agent for several years.

BS in Computer Science, BS in Electrical Engineering

I grew up loving video games. When I took my first computer science class it was so much fun that it did not feel like school. I wanted to learn everything that I ended up getting an Electrical Engineering degree since I had to learn how computer hardware worked as well. My senior project in 2001 was an IOT device that monitored temperature and reported it on a web server. I built everything from the ground up.

15+ Years Entrepreneur

I have been creating businesses since I was a kid. I started with selling candy bars door to door for school. I later had a car detailing business in high school, where I wrote a POS software in BASIC. In college, I started a software consulting business that developed an RFID system for small businesses. Later, I had businesses in eCommerce and digital marketing. Most recently, I have been working on businesses in industrial automation.

Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Founder

Volunteering has been a part of my life for a long time. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a saint when I grew up. I led and trained new altar boys at my Catholic school. I joined a community service fraternity in college and was the community service chair. I would continue volunteering for non-profit organizations. I then decided to start one as part of a national organization. Along that journey, our team was the fastest to complete its 501(c)(3) and became venture of the year. Recently, I have created my own 501(c)(3) to continuing supporting causes that I am passionate about such as community development of economically challenge areas, STEM, and sustainable environment.

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